Community Development

The Community Development Department is tasked with executing the Town Council's vision of growth and sustainability for all residents and businesses within the Town of Gypsum.  We are dedicated to developing and implementing the desired long-term future of natural and constructed environments by applying comprehensive and strategic planning.  We work to create economic vitality through an annual business grant program and engage our residents through communication, education and hosted community events. 

The future of Gypsum

The Town of Gypsum is anticipated to grow significantly in the next 10-20 years.  With these changes, we want to ensure that we are prepared for the social and economic opportunities that will occur, protect our wonderful quality of life, and expand on the identity of Gypsum. Every community member has the ability to influence how Gypsum takes shape as the community grows and evolves.  For the latest Master Plan developments, visit the TOWN MASTER PLAN page.  

Projects Under Review 

For current development projects under review by the Town of Gypsum, visit Community Development’s PROJECTS UNDER REVIEW page.  Formal land use application and supporting data, Planning Commission and/or Town Council review schedule(s) information is available for public view.  For questions regarding a land use application please contact Senior Planner, Lana Gallegos, AICP.

Building Department

The building department is here to assist you with all your residential and commercial building and permit needs.  Visit the BUILDING DEPARTMENT page for building guides and permit applications and information. 

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