Town Master Plan

Master planning documents can analyze the long term and short term needs of the community and they can be area specific.  The 1999 Town of Gypsum Foundation Plan sets forth the concepts and areas of the Town and provides direction of how both new growth and redevelopment should occur with the Town.  In 2009, the Eagle River Area Plan was adopted to provide new ideas and greater detail to the future growth plans of properties located within a portion of the Eagle River.  Annually, the Town also adopts a Three Mile Annexation Plan that identifies outlying areas and determines the desired uses and services that will be necessary for properties that may annex into the Town of Gypsum.

Town of Gypsum Master Foundation Plan
Under Construction, Mastering a New Master Plan 

The Master Plan is a guiding document to help future elected and appointed officials, as well as town staff, determine the vision of Gypsum.  Citizen groups, outside governmental entities, town officials, businesses, developers, stakeholders, and town staff will participate in a number of meetings and hearings to develop a plan for growth that is certain to come to the Town of Gypsum.  Goals and strategies are being identified to help the community create a desirable place to live and work.   Areas of future growth are being identified to determine residential development, commercial expansion of a downtown center, and industrial uses.  

The Town of Gypsum has retained the services of a multi-disciplined team including Norris Design, 505 Design, and Community Builders to help update the Town’s Master Plan.  The intent of this master plan is to create a vision specifically designed to meet our community’s unique needs and desires.   
For questions please contact Lana Gallegos, AICP, Town Senior Planner at 970.524.1729 or

Master Plan Draft

2017 Town of Gypsum Master Plan - Under Construction
1999 Town of Gypsum Master Plan 
1999 Town of Gypsum Master Plan Maps 

Town of Gypsum Conceptual Outdoor Recreation & Trails Plan

A Recreational Trails Conceptual Plan has been developed to evaluate the potential for additional soft and hard-surface trails within and around the Town of Gypsum. This plan also addresses environmental and regulatory constraints and opportunities for trail development. 

Visit Town of Gypsum Outdoor Recreation & Trails Community Website at Learn about the outdoor recreation & trails plan, plan implementation, upcoming events, and how to get involved. 

Future Growth

While the town is well served at its current size, future growth will only increase the demand for transportation improvements and additional parks and recreational amenities.  
IK Bar Master Plan 
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Gypsum Parkway Corridor Enhancement Plan
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