Recreation & Trails

The Town of Gypsum offers a number of recreational opportunities in the form of parks, trails, sports fields, a recreation center, gun club, and golf course.  

Outdoor Recreation & Trails Plan 

A Recreational Trails Conceptual Plan has been developed to evaluate the potential for additional soft and hard-surface trails within and around the Town of Gypsum. This plan also addresses environmental and regulatory constraints and opportunities for trail development. 

What’s next on the trails planning effort? We’ll be working with user groups to create a proposed site plan for the Hardscrabble Planning Area. Sign up and stay up-to-date. 
Visit Town of Gypsum Outdoor Recreation & Trails Community Website at Learn about the outdoor recreation & trails plan, plan implementation, upcoming events, and how to get involved. 

Recreational Growth

While the town is well served at its current size, future growth will only increase the demand for transportation improvements and additional parks and recreational amenities.  

IK Bar Master Plan 
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Gypsum Parkway Corridor Enhancement Plan
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