Water Summit 2018

Potential Drought Conditions & Course of Action

On Tuesday, February 27th members of our community came together to discuss potential drought conditions and the course of action as a community.  Town water attorney, Kevin Patrick said it best "We are all in this together". 
Thank you to the community members, developers, ranchers, and the number of interested and water conscious attendees for your time for this all-important plan of action. 

We certainly hope we do not require these plans, however as a community we understand the importance of being proactive.  

Where Does the Town Get Its Water? (Jim Hancock, Town Engineer)

Water Rights and Drought Potential (Kevin Patrick, Town Water Attorney) 
Regulations during a Drought (Lana Gallegos, Community Development Director)

For questions please contact the Community Development Director, Lana Gallegos, AICP, MPA at 970.524.1729 or lana@townofgypsum.com