Eagle River Area Plan

In August 2008, the Town of Gypsum began a planning process for the Eagle River Corridor.  This plan will serve as a sub-section of the current 1999 Gypsum Foundation Plan and any future amendments. This planning area spans from
the west end of the Town boundaries to the east end and covers the half-mile wide corridor running along the Eagle River. Most of this area is unincorporated and currently used for rural uses or gravel mining; however, as the surrounding region continues to grow, Gypsum has become a key opportunity area for future sustainable growth.  The Eagle River Area Plan sets forth the vision and policies that will ensure the corridor develops in a desirable way.

Eagle Rivera Area Plan   
The Eagle River is overwhelmingly supported as a gem to the community. The study area contains valuable natural resources that should be preserved and complimented. In terms of planning for the future, the community‚Äôs feedback suggests that they want more access to the river for enjoyment, and also want to promote it as a unique attribute and recreational asset.  There is also strong support to protect all sensitive natural resources, including riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, water quality, and the view shed from I-70.