Sustainable Cuisine and the Farm to Table Movement

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at Gypsum Library - 5:30pm

Todd Rymer developed and implemented an Associate’s degree in “Sustainable Cuisine” for CMC.

Sustainable Cuisine is about food that is good for people, the planet and our prosperity.  Our current food system is incredibly good at producing massive amounts of cheap food. Currently less than 2% of Americans are farmers and we spend only about 10% of our GDP on food. Unfortunately, this cheap food comes with a heavy price for the environment and workers in the food industry. Negative environmental impacts include soil degradation, aquafer depletion, water pollution and significant greenhouse gas emissions among others.

Perhaps even more significant is the fact that 50% of workers in the food system, from agricultural workers, to processors, to the dishwasher in the restaurant down the street, live in poverty.Producers will provide what the American consumer wants. It is important to understand the high costs of “cheap” food and to support sustainable producers.