Town of Gypsum Seeking RFPs

Town of Gypsum - Cooley Mesa Road and Valley Road Roundabout Landscaping

This work generally consists of the landscaping of four intersection corners and center of roundabout, placement of landscaping, rock materials, and exterior finishing of two concrete walls. 

The project schedule consists of:

  • June 12: Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting– 1:00 pm at Community Development OfficesoftheTownofGypsum,50Lundgren Blvd. Gypsum, Colorado.
  • July 1: Public Bid Opening – 1:00 pm at Community Development Offices of the Town of Gypsum
  • July 9: Town Council selects contractor – 7:00 pm Town Council Chambers of the Town of Gypsum
  • July 12: Notice to Proceed, if all contract documents are complete
  • July 19-20: Gypsum Daze - No construction after 12:00 pm on July 19th 
  • September 15: 100% complete  

Plans, Specifications and Construction Documents
General plan specifications and images available HERE.
Instructions to Bidders
Bid Form
Short Form Agreement 
Cooley Mesa Roundabout Landscaping Addendum #1 - June 19, 2019
Stucco Wall Mesh Install Images
Sketch of Areas-West Addendum #1 - June 18, 2019
Sketch of Areas-East Addendum #1 - June 18, 2019