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Q:  How can I stay informed about current land use developments taking place in the Town of Gypsum? 

A:  There are a number of convenient ways to keep you informed of potential growth or changes in the community.   

1. This website right here.  Visit "PROJECTS UNDER REVIEW" for the most up to date Land Use applications.  (Available 24hrs) 

2. Posted applicants and meeting information are located at the entrance to Town Hall and the Community Development Department. (M-F 8 am - 5 pm)

3. Legal Section in the newspaper. (As required)

4. Properties within 300 ft. of applicant location will receive a certified mailing via USPS. (As required)

5. Other forms of media and social media may also be utilized.  

As developments take place we want to ensure our community is kept well informed of potential growth/changes to the community we all love and enjoy being a part of.  

Want to know about the Town of Gypsum's future planning?  Check out the MASTER PLAN