Town Master Plan

Master planning documents analyze the long term and short term needs of the community and they can be area specific.  The 1999 Town of Gypsum Foundation Plan sets forth the concepts and areas of the Town and provides direction of how both new growth and redevelopment should occur with the Town.  In 2009, the Eagle River Area Plan was adopted to provide new ideas and greater detail to the future growth plans of properties located within a portion of the Eagle River.  Annually, the Town also adopts a Three Mile Annexation Plan that identifies outlying areas and determines the desired uses and services that will be necessary for properties that may annex into the Town of Gypsum.

Town of Gypsum Master Foundation Plan

Development of the new Comprehensive Master Plan for the Town of Gypsum to direct economic growth and quality of life was finalized in June 2017. The Master Plan is a guiding document to help future elected and appointed officials, as well as town staff, determine the vision of the Town of Gypsum.  The 2017 Master Plan was developed from citizen groups, outside governmental entities, town officials, businesses, developers, stakeholders, and town staff in a number of meetings and hearings which developed a plan for growth that is certain to come to the Town of Gypsum.  Goals and strategies have been identified to help the community create a desirable place to LIVE, WORK, PLAY & BE HEALTHY.   Areas of future growth have been identified to determine residential development, commercial expansion of a city center, and industrial uses.  

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2017 Town of Gypsum Master Plan
2017 Master Plan Resolution 

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Gypsum Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council has held Public Hearings on changes to Title 18 Zoning of the Gypsum Municipal Code, changes to the official Zone Map for the Town of Gypsum, and adoption of design regulations to reflect 2017. 

Title 17 Parking Revisions 
Title 18 Zoning 
Zoning Designation Update
Zoning Map Summary Changes 
Public Notice 
Design Requirements for Building and Land Improvements ~ Newly Adopted