Code Enforcement

Rake it up, break'em down, bag'em up! 

Autumn leaves are falling. 
Have too many leaves? The Town of Gypsum trash service requires them to be bagged and placed in your trash cart. Have too many bags? Don't worry, call Public Works for an extra pick up or leaves can be taken to the landfill free of charge for residents.

Code Violation 

Violations concerning general nuisances and activities that are not allowed in the Town of Gypsum according to the Gypsum Municipal Code are handled by the Code Enforcement Officer. Violations can include but are not limited to; building nuisance, parking complaints, zoning violations, trash/junk/eye-sore complaints, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, noise complaints, and drainage problems. Please contact our Code Enforcement Officer at (970) 524-1750.  Click here to complete a CUSTOMER COMPLAINT FORM.

Please view categories below and select the appropriate resource to assist in resolving public concern or complaint.

Common Regulations & Fines  
Please note, not all Town of Gypsum code violations are listed below.

Title 6      
Animals - Male pets should be neutered or resident may encumber an automatic $150 fine, should your animal be picked up by Animal Control.  
Title 8       
Junk Violations - Up to $2,650 fine. 
Nuisances - Up to $2,650 fine. 
Weed Control - $150 fine plus the costs of abatement
*The Town of Gypsum offers an annual Clean Up Day each May to assist in proper disposal.
Title 10
Parking Issues - Warning issued and fine up to $2,650 and/or a Town Sheriff issued violation.                
Valid Vehicle Registration - Fine up to $2,650.
Title 12
Snow Removal - Warning for the first offense, fines of $50 for continued violation.
Title 13
Water Use - Drought Conditions (Check Water Restrictions link for most up to date water/drought information) 

Street, Park, Sidewalk, etc. in Disrepair 
Our Public Works department is responsible for keeping our streets and parks in good shape. Public Works will deal with problems including but not limited to; potholes, missing or damaged signs, streets in need of sweeping, snow removal problems, broken park equipment, irrigation problems (town property only) and graffiti. To report a problem, please contact the Public Works Coordinator at (970) 524-3121.

Illegal Activity 
If this is an emergency call 911. If you would like to report some type of illegal activity that is causing an immediate threat to your safety and peace of mind that include but are not limited to; suspicious persons, prowlers, loitering, vandalism and noise complaints (after hours). Please contact the Eagle County Sheriff's Department at (970) 328-8500. Gypsum contracts with the Eagle County Sheriffs Deputies for patrol in the Town of Gypsum. 

Animal Nuisance
If you would like to report a concern about an animal in your neighborhood, please contact Eagle County Animal Services at 970-328-3647.

Mosquitoes Nuisance
Please be aware that the Town of Gypsum is not responsible for controlling pests on private property. During the summer months, the town contracts with a service to periodically spray mosquitoes. Spraying does reduce the number of mosquitoes, but we will never be completely mosquito free. If you would like to report a concern regarding mosquito control, call the Town of Gypsum at (970) 524-7514. For detailed information regarding controlling mosquitoes in your area visit Fight the Bite Colorado